Dr. Michelle Ward Arrested On Multiple Drug-Related Charges, Added To List Of Recent Dentists Gone Wild

Tennessee dental specialist Michelle Ward was captured in the parking area of a McDonald’s Monday after police found that she was affected by a mix of physician endorsed drugs while in the vehicle with her five-year-old child.

Ward purportedly conceded to police at the scene that she had kept in touch with herself a remedy for muscle relaxers utilizing her brother by marriage name. As per The Huffington Post, she deals with a few indictments and stayed in prison on Tuesday on $4,500 bond. Be that as it may, she is only one of numerous new dental specialists discovered acting severely.

The New Jersey State Board of Dentistry suspended Scott M. Meltzer’s permit to rehearse in May after he was captured at his office for introducing a camcorder in a patient restroom to keep an eye on his female patients. He faces five tallies of third-degree attack of protection.

“A dental specialist’s first obligation is to really focus on the wellbeing and prosperity of general society,” Jeffrey S. Chiesa, state head legal officer, said in a delivery. “These claims are profoundly alarming, and the Board of Dentistry made the right move in light of the criminal allegations.”

In April, another New Jersey dental specialist, Dr. Ronald M. Jupiter, was captured for illicitly scattering Percocet. Percocet is a remedy painkiller and, whenever utilized mistakenly, can become habit-forming. Jupiter was an individual from the Roxbury Board of Education, which likewise suspended his permit.

In maybe the absolute most upsetting of cases, Oklahoma oral specialist Dr. W. Scott Harrington might deal with indictments after he possibly uncovered 7,000 of his patients to hepatitis B and C just as HIV. Letters were shipped off his patients, advising them about the circumstance and disclosing to them that they ought to be evaluated for the infections. In his 35-year vocation, Harrington was sued twice — once for carelessness and in a different case for misbehavior.

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Harrington could now confront jail time for permitting his dental aides to perform errands held for authorized dental specialists and neglecting to test the gadget used to disinfect his gear for something like six years.

“At the point when this began, I had no clue it would have been this terrible or this expansive,” said Susan Rogers, the chief overseer of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry. “This one terrified me.”

As we stand by to perceive what occurs with Dr. Ward, unmistakably she’s in some not very great organization.

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